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Warranty & Care Care & Maintance Guide

Care & Maintenance Guide

YDL Quartz Stone surface carries a high chemical and physical characters on hardness, strength and heat resistance. However, it is not of damage proof. Your attention to the following notices will help you avoid any harm to the surface installed in your residence.

  • YDL Quartz Stone is designed to be extremely resistant to heat, but refraining from direct exposure to high temperature is keenly recommended. All hot cookware should not be placed directly on the surface .
  • Heavy or sharp impact to the surface.
  • Materials like gum, nail polish, or dried paint can be scraped away by gently using a knife. Prompt cleaning by water may be necessary after using neutral cleaners or neutral chemical solvents against the surface. Quartz Stone products in only recommanded for internal use as such prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause discolouration of the surface.
  • Improper assembling or disassembling, stepping on the surfaces sometimes may cause breakage or cracks. Customers should not remove the surfaces onece they have been fixed by professional installers.




YDL Quartz Stone product is made from natural quartz together with polyester resin (the binding agent) and pigment (the colouring).

Any variation in colour can be expected from batch to batch due to the location of the natural material that is quarried. Any such irregularities (spots or colour particles) in the slab may occur because its natural ingredient  (composition of Engineered Stone).


YDL Quartz product may crack or burn if hot pots, pans, electric frying pans oven trays etc placed immediately on the surface.

Any chemicals such as trichlormethane, methylene chloride, paint remover or striper, cleaning agents having high alkaline (PH) level and solvents accidentally spilled on the surface may damage YDL Quartz product, it must be immediately wiped off with clean water to avoid any reaction.

Any misuse or abuse will damage YDL Quartz stone (such as cracking, scratching etc), and also might be scratched when it comes in contract with other stone(s) and stone products.

YDL Quartz stone product is NOT scratch proof, stain proof, heat proof, UV proof or Unbreakable! But it is scratch-stain-heat-UV resistant.


Use warm water and mild detergent or a multipurpose cleaner to keep YDL Quartz stone surface clean.


Sometimes household bleach can be used to remove stubborn stains ( not recommend as every day routine).

Seek advise from qualified stonemason or YDL office if you have any concerns with any YDL Quartz stone product.


We don’t recommend stonemasons  fabricate “L” shaped tops in one solid piece, so in these instances joins will be unavoidable.