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Custom Design Your Kitchen with Benchtops in Melbourne


The kitchen is considered the heart of home these days. This is the reason why it has to shine in terms of aesthetics along with functionality. Create the perfect kitchen by choosing the best fitting benchtops in Melbourne. When you scroll through the images on the internet or in a popular magazine, you like one of the benchtops and wish if you could have that installed into your kitchen. Just by seeing the image or getting carried away by the looks, it is not advisable to install or order a kitchen benchtop.

There are many factors along with whether one of the kitchen countertops will look good and go well with your interior or not. When you look at timber benchtops in Melbourne, you start thinking if with time it will stain, scratch, split or become a breeding place for bacteria and the thing is that you are not wrong. Similarly, marble bench tops seem luxurious but if you do not clean the coffee split immediately, it will leave the stain. Even if you keep scrubbing for the next five years you will not get rid of the coffee stains.

You might be thinking by now are there any benchtops that can look great and needless of fussy maintenance? Yes, there are 5 low maintenance benchtops in Melbourne that look great in your kitchen as well.

1. Composite stone

Composite stone, also known as engineered stone, looks, feels good and is strong just like real stone. It is more affordable. These benchtops are made of crushed stones engineered together to create a bench. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles to fit in any kind of décor.

2. Granite

Granite bench tops in Melbourne are highly sturdy. It is scratch resistant, is naturally heat resistant and has that solid colossal look you can get only from real stone. Although it comes with a price as compared to other benchtops in Melbourne, but it will look great and last forever.

3. Laminate

Laminate has come a long way and is no more a cheap, peeling, chip-prone variety. With a beautiful range of colors, textures, and patterns, the laminate is now long lasting and hard wearing.

4. Zinc

Zinc is a hard-wearing, beautiful metal. It develops a dark, stain resistance tarnishing with time which gives it a typical appearance. You get the durability and longevity like stainless steel benchtops without sticky fingerprints and never ending smears.

5. Concrete

Concrete benchtops are great in appearance and durable as well. When it comes to businesses dealing in benchtops in Melbourne, they offer a wide range of oxides, aggregate mixes and sealing options to dramatically change your benchtop and the entire look. Once the surface is concreted, it will be durable, heat resistant and almost maintenance free.

In addition to the above 5 most popular and best fitting Kitchen Benchtops in Melbourne, you can go with acrylic benchtops also considering their benefits. These are soft and warm to touch along with being heat and stain resistant. The added advantage is that no matter what your style is, you are definitely going to find a counterpart with acrylic benchtops in Melbourne.

Since the kitchen is no longer a close environment or simply a workplace, you need to consider both, beauty and functionality when deciding on a particular benchtop for your home. Kitchen has become the hub of the house and a place to enjoy. Being the key factor of any kitchen, benchtops need to be durable and also influence the overall design of the kitchen area along with complementing the adjacent living and dining areas.

So, asking yourself some basic questions and buying the benchtop capable of fulfilling your needs would be ideal. Always keep in mind that your benchtops in Melbourne would be the first thing people will see after entering into your kitchen area. It has to be the most visually dominating one.

So, if you keep the base color in a neutral tone, you will have the freedom to use strong color in the best way as for contrast. Choose white or neutral cupboard doors along with keeping neutral tone for benchtops. You can use similar warm colors and create easy decorating scheme throughout. Every home and every family’s needs are different. Always keep your preferences and convenience in mind when buying benchtops in Melbourne.

In this time of increasing or maximizing the mileage of money, it would be crucial to be shrewd in all your preferences for any house improvement material being used. It is important that a homeowner has the insight and relevant knowledge about how to modernise the kitchen by means of low-cost alternatives. As they say, the cheaper the better but without compromising on quality.

When selecting the colour and finish of the benchtops in Melbourne, you must consider the general design so that it would sweetly combine with the kitchen decor. It is easy now to have a remarkable benchtop at a cheap rate by getting in touch with a reputed company that installs these fixtures. If you’re trying to make the space look newer and better because it has in all probability seen better days, this is what you require. You may find them via online query about the cheapest laminate materials utilized in making benchtops in Melbourne. However, it would also be very important if the company you find is a trustworthy supplier of these materials. You can search in their websites too along with the brand that they utilize for the laminates. This will guarantee the primary source of your brand new benchtop.

A classy kitchen with exclusive benchtops in Melbourne does not just happen because you have to plan for it and every bit and piece that is placed in this area. It’s not a hard decision to make to bring in a benchtop that will make the entire decor perfect to the eye and allow a trouble-free movement in the kitchen. So, when are you planning to install your benchtop?