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7 reasons to make use of Kalala Bianco Stone in Melbourne for making bench tops


Kalala Bianco Stone of Melbourne has a unique blend of ‘beauty’ and a ‘non-porous’ surface that makes it an ideal material for the kitchen countertop. To add to this, it is scratch resistant and easy to keep clean & maintain without having to polish or seal.

Following are 7 of the major reasons to make use of Kalala Bianco Stone in Melbourne for making countertops:

  • Appearance – It is possible to craft Kalala Bianco Stone to control its appearance, which is not possible with most other kinds of stone. The material is extremely flexible, which makes it possible to alter the pattern, texture, and colour of the final product. To add to this, this is a kind of material that has no defects and thus a lot less waste is observed in the ‘manufacturing’ process.

  • High strength – Kalala Bianco Stone of Melbourne is a solid material and bench tops, are made using a combination of natural Kalala Bianco Stone, colourant, and a resin binder. Its high strength states that it is stronger than alternatives such as marble and granite. Even though it’s stronger, it still has a similar thickness as other stones.

  • Non-porous – Kalala Bianco Stone is a naturally scratch resistant, non-porous, stain resistant material that does not have to be sealed or need other treatment. Other materials such as marble and granite are porous, which clearly states that any liquid spilt on the surface would slowly sink in & leave a permanent stain. Kalala Bianco Stone of Melbourne is one of the most comfortable and easiest materials to maintain in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • Hygienic – Kalala Bianco Stone is a highly ‘hygienic’ material that includes ‘anti-microbial’ protection to prevent the growth of ‘mildew, mold & odour-causing bacteria’. This means that the Kalala Bianco Stone counter tops are safe & appropriate for food preparation.

  • Easy to maintain – Kalala Bianco Stone of Melbourne is virtually maintenance-free and needs no special cleaning or maintenance procedures to be able to maintain its functionality & beauty. Cleaning is as easy as a regular wipe down utilizing soap & water. There is no need to make use of one of the ‘bacteria-preventing’ cleaning solutions to maintain its look and appearance.
  • Consistent color – Kalala Bianco Stone is manufactured utilizing a special technique to provide the entire slab with a solid colour which has the ability to be consistent for the long-term! Other materials such as granites can make use of dyes to help change the colour, and that begins to fade over a time period to leave the ‘less desirable’ finish.

  • Cost – The cost of the Kalala Bianco Stone in Melbourne is not the most costly. It compares very favourably with other materials such as exotic granite. Even if you do possess a kitchen with a whole lot of counter space, Kalala Bianco Stone can provide you with a practical option as it has one of the cheaper prices.

Thanks to the looks and durability to Kalala Bianco Stone of Melbourne, not to mention how easy they’re to care for, natural stone bench tops continue to massively grow in popularity. They can add plenty of luxury & stylishness to just about any room in the house, and most kinds of natural stone work really well outdoors too.

Natural stone counter tops are incredibly durable. They can actually last a lifetime with the proper amount of care and maintenance, which makes them an outstanding investment for homes & families of all sizes. Once you get your new counter tops made of Kalala Bianco Stone of Melbourne put in, you won’t have to worry about getting novel ones unless you choose to do so. Most of the types of natural stone can withstand a wide variety of mishaps such as spills. And you can even cut food directly on most of the types of granite too. However, this isn’t recommended by most of the experts simply as you could end up harming your knife!

Caring for counters made of Kalala Bianco Stone of Melbourne is easy. Just wipe up spills as soon as you are able to after they occur or happen. Wipe them down on a regular basis with some amount of warm water and a soft cloth. Also, you can make use of mild soap on them if you wish to, but this is more often than not necessary. You do not even have to worry about ‘disinfecting’ your natural stone counter tops since most are naturally ‘bacteria resistant’ (such as granite).

For those who are looking for exclusive counter tops, look no further than Kalala Bianco Stone in Melbourne. You can get hold of counter tops that are dark, light, patterned & everything in between, and you definitely can find a natural stone which matches your cabinets or any other feature in the house.

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