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Tips for a Kitchen Benchtop Makeover in Melbourne


Cosmetically refreshing a bench top is amongst the most effectual way of bringing about a Kitchen Benchtop Makeover in Melbourne. If your bench top is up to the task in offering a robust surface for your kitchen storage or activities, you merely have to make it a bit more beautiful instead of replacing it.

We have all been there – Living in a rental flat that might be grand for a number of reasons but has one lethal flaw. More often than not, a fridge that is very small; floors that have witnessed better days; cabinets that do not measure up; or counter tops which hail from a bygone decade; are all characteristics of rented flats.

Fortunately, a few of these could be fixed. Today, we are looking for a Kitchen Benchtop Makeover in Melbourne. There are certain things you can do to hide the unsightly laminate or tile bench tops. A few will need landlord approval, and some could be installed & removed easily, making them perfect for stealth situations. Take a look & see which one may work in a rental kitchen.

Following are some tips if you are thinking of opting for a Kitchen Benchtop Makeover in Melbourne : –

  • Hiring a professional is not obligatory – Of course a professional can do a grand job in cosmetically refreshing the bench top, but if you really desire to save money, you can do it yourself. Asking friends to assist is also a fine idea.

  • Pay money for a resurfacing kit – Available out there are bench top resurfacing kits and they are designed to assist even the most naive DIY-ers. These kits comprise an adhesive base coat, a top coat that will make up most of the design, and the other items. If you get hold of one of these kits, you only have to have a paintbrush, a paint tray, and a foam roller to get going with your Kitchen Benchtop Makeover in Melbourne. These kits more often than not go for around 250 dollars.

  • Rough it up – The very first step you need to take is to make use of a ‘sanding block’ to make the surface of the benchtop rough. Make use of circular motions to sand the benchtop. Do it until the surface is completely rough. When you arrive at that point, make use of a moist dishcloth to clean the surface free of debris and dust. Make sure it is merely moist, not soaking wet. This is a simple way of Kitchen Benchtop Makeover in Melbourne.

  • Apply base coat thick – Whether you’re using the adhesive base coat encompassed in the resurfacing kit you purchased or if you’re just using paint you purchased separately, you only have to follow one set of rules – apply it really thick and make use of clean strokes. That means upward & downward strokes, no diagonal strokes.

  • You do not have to halt with paint – Applying a ‘coat of paint’ on your benchtop is fine as long as you are contented with how it looks, but you can add more character to it by utilizing other materials. This is a good way of Kitchen Benchtop Makeover in Melbourne. If you want to make use of a resurfacing kit, it comprises a bag of flakes which will let you duplicate the look & appearance of granite. Also, you can integrate other things in your design as long as you are able to attach them to your benchtop without compromising on the coat. This method has gained popularity as it is not a very expensive form of Kitchen Benchtop Makeover in Melbourne.

  • Protect your floors – Whether you’re just painting your benchtop or doing other things along with it, make sure you keep debris and dirt off your floor. The finest way to prevent a mess in the house when doing the renovation project is to perform it outdoors or a particular designated work area or space. Placing an old newspaper or plastic on the floor can keep the dirt and even the paint off it.

Following are some other effective ways of a Kitchen Benchtop Makeover in Melbourne : –

1) Painting –

  • Faux Marble – If you have a lot of a steady hand and patience, you can make use of paint to produce a faux marble counter top. We are in awe of this one.

  • Paint It Black – If you are dealing with dark or stained counter tops, it is always an easy pick to go black. Follow this ‘step-by-step’ for the easiest method to paint.

  • Faux Granite – There are a lot of kits out there which give you all the supplies & instructions for doing a Kitchen Benchtop Makeover in Melbourne by turning your countertop into one that looks like granite.

  • Simple Paint Job – Sometimes you merely want something straightforward & light.
  • Chalkboard Counters – We have looked at this one before, but it is worth revisiting. Not only does it appear like soapstone, but if you utilized chalkboard paint on an ‘island counter’, you can put pen to paper the menu directly on it while entertaining. This was the last painting form of Kitchen Benchtop Makeover in Melbourne.

2) Contact Paper –

  • Wood Grain – Cannot get your landlord to install ‘butcher block countertops’? Fake it with ‘wood grain contact paper’. Just make sure that you have the wood grain going in exactly the same direction.

  • Granite Paper – If you do not trust yourself to paint granite countertops, try making use of granite or stone patterned paper in place of it. As the pattern is so small, it is very forgiving.

  • Polka Dots – Of course, contact paper comes in a variety of colours and patterns as well. If you wish to go bold, just go for it! You can always change it if you change your mind.

3) Other Ideas –

  • Concrete over Tile – This will unquestionably break your security deposit, if you do not tell your landlord, however, we admire this easy fix for tile benchtops. Making use of a quick-setting concrete over tile is an ideal solution.

  • Large Cutting Board – In a small rental, you may not have enough bench space to start with, which also means you do not have much to cover. In such a case, just invest in a good-looking cutting board to cover up the unattractive laminate.

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