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Certain facts regarding YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops


Well-known brands of YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops

When looking at the assortment of brands of quartz sold for use as bench tops, you will likely come across a few that are a bit more popular than the others. One of these brands you will likely see quite often is the – Silestone brand. Silestone proffers all the advantages — low maintenance, durability, really hard surface — and comes in a broad variety of colours and finishes. It is probably the most well-known brand name & is often heavily promoted by the retailers.

While Silestone is hugely well-liked and arguably incredibly attractive among YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops, there is nothing considerably special about the brand when it is compared to others. It is scratch & acid-resistant, and since it is non-porous, it is easier to keep it clean and free from bacteria.

One appeal of the brand is the selection of colours and patterns that are proffered. Homeowners can mix & match the tone, style, and finish of the product to produce a completely personalized material to befit the décor of their homes.

Although Silestone is very low-maintenance, the homeowners should be aware of the fact that some of the harsh household cleaners can actually damage the surface of these YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops. Bleach can ruin the shiny surface, and the de-greasers can damage them. Also, the manufacturers suggest avoiding the use of heat on Silestone as, like all quartz bench tops, the resin is vulnerable to scorching.

Another well-known brand is ‘Cambria’. Like Silestone, it comes in a broad variety of colour options and can be tailored to go well with individual tastes. Cambria is also extremely low maintenance & touted as stronger than granite. Its food-safe surface & stain-resistant finish make it an awesome choice for busy kitchens or the ones with children who might be inclined to spilling lots of drinks on the bench top’s surface.

Cambria & Silestone are considered to be two of the most expensive types of YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops, but they are also incredibly high-quality brands. Homeowners can view colour samples on the website of the company or go directly to their nearest Cambria retailer to do an analysis of samples up close.

How to Maintain Them?

In general, they are quite low maintenance. In fact, some would say they are maintenance-free. However, that does not mean you can completely neglect them. By and large, warm, soapy water takes care of cleaning the kitchen work surfaces. Avoid abrasive cleansers & harsh chemicals, and always make use of a trivet under pans, crock pots, and deep fryers. The resins that are utilized to create them aren’t indestructible.

If you spill something on the bench tops, clean it up as soon as you can. YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops are stain resistant, but that does not mean they cannot develop stains, particularly if the spill is incredibly acidic or left to linger.

Avoid cutting foods directly on its surface without the help of a cutting board. Although incredibly hard, the surface can be scratched, if enough downward force is affirmed. Also, keep away from scraping sticky messes off the counter tops. If you have to get rid of gum or paint, use a plastic scraper to gently scrape the mess away. If you find oil stains on your bench top, make use of a cleanser with a degreasing agent which is labeled as safe for use on quartz stone.

Colour options of YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops

All thanks to the fact that pigments can be easily added to the resin & polymer blend during the process of manufacturing, your options for colour are pretty varied. At one time, colour options for quartz bench tops were way more limited, and the resulting slabs majorly lacked the authentic look of natural stone. However, contemporary options can look eerily like limestone, granite, or even dark, glossy slate, mostly depending on how it is manufactured.

Larger pieces of YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops can produce a mottled look that to a great extent resembles granite or even marble, at the same time as finer blends can make creamier colour palettes. The variety of patterns can embrace tiny flecks on a solid background, a solid coloring, larger lines & flecks against a solid background, and minor variations on all of these. It can appear as natural as any other slab, or, with less natural pigment colours, can look bold & festive. Whether you desire a natural look in your house or something else completely, there is a good chance you will find the colour you want.

Some of the YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops look like marble bench tops, especially with regards to colour

A common request is a white quartz with the look of marble, but, without the high maintenance. More than a few manufacturers have styles that match marble, Cambria & Silestone. Zodiaq also has more than a few colour options that copy the look of white marble with an intimation of grey running all the way through.

Caesarstone is another brand among YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops that has more than a few marble-like offerings, many of which look more like the genuine thing than you would expect. It looks a great deal like carrara marble, but has the sturdiness of engineered stone benchtops, making it a practical option for someone who desires the cool look of marble in a heavily used kitchen. Honestly, Caesarstone can be a replacement for marble at times.

Most of the manufacturers also proffer slabs of YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops that are mostly white with just an intimation of colour, like a subtle marble which looks awesome with almost any decor style, be it office or house. Of course, you will not get the same ultra-cool surface which real marble offers, but you do get a much harder surface that will not stain or etch as easily as real marble, so it is a pretty fair trade-off!

Can you make usages of YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops in the bathroom?

Quartz is unquestionably great in kitchens, but, what about other places in your house? If you had your bosom set on using it in an outdoor kitchen, you in all probability need to think again. Quartz is not great with exposure to ultraviolet light. The pigments can change radically over time after exposure to the sun to the point that even direct sunlight through a window would fade it.

However, what about bathrooms? If you want YDL Quartz Stone Benchtops in your bathroom, it is a great choice! Not only are there abundant styles to select from, but it is naturally water-resistant and never requires to be sealed. It is also mold-resistant & easy to care for–just wipe it when it gets wet or seems smudged. Some of the finishes can show fingerprints & smudges fairly easily, so you might find yourself wiping your bathroom surfaces more often than you would like to, but it is a fairly easy fix to a very innocuous problem.

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