About Us

About YDL Australia Pty Ltd

YDL Australia Pty Ltd is traded as YDL Stone, a privately owned company that imports and distributes a diverse range of stone product throughout Australia. Operating in Australia since 2008, YDL Stone holds an inventory exceeding 4,000 slabs of stone featuring Marble, Granite, Pavers. (e.g Bluestone, Basalt, Andesite) and YDL Quartz Stone. Our broad range of stone products is appropriate for both residential and commercial project. These stone products have featured in restaurant, pub, residential homes, commercial apartment, and shopping centers.

Now there are 2 convenient warehouses in Victoria along with more distribution network setting up across Australia. With our experienced staff and readily available stock, the company is able to provide professional service and deliver product in a timely manner throughout the region.

About YDL Quartz Stone

YDL Quartz stone is produced by using natural quartz (93%) with high-quality polymer resins and colorful pigments, wherein the mixed materials are compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense slabs. Advanced processing technology brings granite-like colors, enduring shine, super hardness and porous free quality which prevent it from any liquid penetration. Its antipollution texture has rarely been matched by other solid surfaces or natural stone; therefore it is wide used in the field of architectural decoration.

Feature of YDL STONE

Wide Range of Colors

Natural Quarts

High Stain Resistance

High Acidity Resistance

Scratch Resistant

High Impact Resistance

Heat Resistance

Low Maintance

Creative Pattern