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Product Range, Purchasing & Pricing

Do you offer Crystalline Silica-Free Products?

Yes, we do. Our current products contain 0% crystalline silica and are available now. These products are permitted for continued use after July 1, 2024.

What is the difference between the recently banned engineered stone and crystalline silica-free range?

Both products undergo the same manufacturing process, the key distinction lies in the raw materials used. Engineered stone blends natural stone materials with crystalline silica, while our Crystaline Silica-Free material is crafted from recycled glass, polymer resins, and pigment.”

Are there any variations in durability with the new crystalline silica-free surfaces?

No, our advanced technology has created a crystalline silica-free material that’s highly durable, resistant to heat, stains, and scratches, while offering exceptional design flexibility.

Can I purchase directly from YDL Stone?

No, YDL Stone is strictly a wholesaler and does not sell directly to the public. All purchases must be made through your dedicated stonemason. Your cabinet maker or builder cannot purchase directly and must go through their nominated stone fabricator.

Do all YDL Stone product cost the same?

Each YDL Stone ranges does vary in price. Builder Range is our most affordable collection. As YDL Stone is strictly a wholesaler, we unfortunately do not provide pricing or quotes, but would be happy to assist by putting you in contact with your local kitchen company or stonemason to obtain a formal quote.

How do I register my YDL Stone warranty?

Simply fill in YDL Stone 10 Year Limited Warranty Registration Form online.

Click below link:

Where can I buy YDL Stone ?

YDL Stone (Low Silica Surface) is available Australia-wide through a large network and can be purchased through your local stonemason.

Care & Cleaning

How do I clean my YDL Stone benchtop?

YDL Stone is designed to offer high performance with very little maintenance to keep the surface looking like new. For every day, routine cleaning of YDL Stone we recommend wiping your bench top with warm soapy water (a pH neutral household liquid detergent, or a mild detergent) and a damp cloth.

For more details please download our Care and Maintenance guide.

Can I stand on my YDL Stone benchtop?

No, you can’t. Always refrain from placing excessive weight on your YDL Stone bench top. Excessive weight can also have an impact on the underlying cabinet structure.

How durable is my YDL Stone ?

Although YDL Stone has high heat resistance to tolerate brief exposures to moderately hot temperatures, excessive prolonged direct contact with, or radiated heat may result in damage or discoloration to your YDL Stone due to thermal shock. Like all surface materials YDL Stone should be treated with care.

What does heat resistant mean?

YDL Stone is heat resistant and is not affected by temperatures lower than 100°C (212°F). However, like all stone material, YDL Stone can be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes. Therefore, we do not recommend placing any hot kitchen wares (hot oven trays, pans, hot pots, electric frying pans etc.) directly from the hotplate or out of the oven onto the surface of YDL Stone. We always recommend the use of a hot pad or trivet to place hot items on.

What can I do with my food preparation on my YDL Stone benchtop?

YDL Stone always recommend cutting your food on an appropriate chopping board and never directly on the YDL Stone surface to avoid damaging kitchen knives or the surface of your bench top.

Product Selection, Fabrication & Installation

Where can I match colours to my YDL Stone?

Our displays showrooms allow you to bring in samples of tiles, cabinetry and other materials and make accurate colours and design matches so that you are confident you are achieving the look you want.

Should I make any selection after looking at a brochure or your website only?

We always recommend visiting one of our showrooms to select your stone, as appearance and tonality can sometimes vary. This is also dependent on the type of device you are using to view our website, as some colors may look different in real-life settings.

Can I fabricate my own YDL Stone?

YDL Stone should only be fabricated by a licensed and qualified stonemason who is experienced in working with our product.

What is the best edge treatment for my YDL Stone?

YDL Stone are adequate to any possible edge profiles, from the most popular single thickness 20mm slabs, through to laminated double thickness edge options. Our minimum suggested edge detail is a 3-4mm radius on any profile. A better option is a 6mm radius. The larger the radius the more resistant it will be to accidental impacts from heavy objects. Sharp non- radiused edge profiles should never be used.

Can YDL Stone be used around a fireplace?

YDL Stone is heat resistant up to 100°C (212°F). You should always consult with the manufacturer of the fireplace to ensure that the maximum heat does not exceed our recommendations. The zero-clearance fireplace is highly recommended.

A zero-clearance fireplace is a premanufactured metal firebox that is completely self-contained and insulated, which keeps the outside of the fireplace from getting too hot, protecting the materials surrounding the unit. This allows it to need zero distance from combustible materials or non-combustible material.

I like to use YDL Stone as flooring, can I?

No. Whilst some customers have opted to use YDL Stone as flooring, this type of application is not covered by the YDL Stone 10 Year Limited Warranty.

Can YDL Stone be used as a splashback behind a cooktop?

Yes. YDL Stone can be used as a splashback behind a cooktop when designed and installed in compliance with the appropriate Australian & New Zealand standards with regard to clearances.


For both electric and induction cooktops it is a requirement to have a minimum 50mm gap from the back edge of the cooktop to the YDL STONE splashback.


For gas cook top it is a requirement for a minimum 200mm gap from the periphery of the gas burner to the YDL STONE splash back in accordance AS/NZS 5601 GAS INSTALLATION. When designing or installing splash back application,Designers and Fabricators must always follow the relevant AS/NZS standards in regards to clearances especially behind cook tops.

Please refer to:

AS/NZS 5601 Gas Installation

AS/NZS 4386.2 Domestic Kitchen Assemblies Installation

Cooktop and Appliance manufacturers specific installation guidelines

All wall and other construction methods should be as per relevant industry guidelines and builders code.

Can YDL Stone surfaces be used around a BBQ area?

When using YDL Stone around a BBQ area it is crucial to ensure the surface is not exposed to excessive heat or flame. If used in an outdoor environment, the YDL Stone 10 Year Limited Warranty is not applicable. For detailed information, please refer to YDL Stone 10 Year Limited Warranty on this website.

Does YDL Stone fabricate and install my bench top?

No, YDL Stone is strictly a wholesaler and is not doing any work in design, fabrication or installation of the product.

Can YDL Stone be used in outdoor areas?

We do not recommend using YDL Stone products externally. Whilst some customers have opted to install YDL Stone in outdoor applications, external applications are not covered by YDL Stone 10 Year Limited Warranty.

Crack, Chips & Repairs

What should I do if I damage my YDL Stone?

YDL Stone can be easily repaired. In the unlikely event that you damage your YDL Stone please take note of the batch numbers of authenticity located on the underside of your material and contact us for a referral to your nearest recommended service provider.

Is cracks, chips covered under the YDL Stone 10 Year Limited Warranty?

In general, chips, cracks or any other impact damage are not covered under the YDL Stone 10 Year Limited Warranty as it typically occurs due to a fabrication or installation error, or as the result of mechanical stress and does not represent a fault in the YDL Stone product itself. If a crack does occur, please refer it to the kitchen company or stonemason who installed your bench top as they will be able to provide further assistance.

External factors which can contribute to cracking include:

  • Inadequate underbench support
  • Excessive weight (sitting, climbing or standing on the product)
  • Excessive heat (Trivets and hot pads should always be used)
  • Movement in joinery or house as a whole
  • “U” or “L” shaped cut out / improper fabrication and installation; Any crack emanating from a cook top cut-out or sink cut-out is not covered under this warranty, these are not caused by any fault in the product;

Additionally, it is highly recommended to allow for gap expansion from the waterfall’s end to the floor in order to prevent stress or movement that could lead to cracking.