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Top advantages of Engineered Stone Benchtops


An introduction to Engineered Stone Benchtops

This material is over and over again referred to in the industry as quartz, but the name ‘engineered stone’ gives you a better idea of what it is. Unlike natural stone counter tops that are cut out from pure granite, marble or sandstone, engineered stone countertops are made from quartz crystals which are held together with a ‘resin binder’. They have a much similar appearance to natural stone, but they have benefits not obtainable with natural materials. Let us take a look at the benefits of engineered stone countertops.

Engineered Stone Benchtops are very attractive

The quartz material is ‘compressed’ into slabs that have similar color and texture to natural granite & slate. One difference you will notice is that the color is more uniform than the variations in the color you will find in most of the slabs of natural stone.

While those who are pleased about the character of natural stone might view this as a drawback, the benefit is that the engineered stone used all the way through your kitchen will match absolutely.

Colors obtainable for engineered stone kitchen counters comprise earth tones across the whole spectrum, rose, grays and more. Most of the colors come from the natural color in the quartz, though colorants can be added to attain the desired tone.

Engineered Stone Benchtops Wear Very Well

The finished material is very hard, nearly as hard as granite. It has the benefit in that it will not crack as easily as granite or slate does. It’s very resistant to heat, so a hot pan will not leave a scorch mark. The surfaces are resistant to cuts and scratches, though it is still recommended you make use of a cutting board on top of them.

Cleaning is Easy

One of the drawbacks to natural stone countertops is that they’re porous. This leaves room for bacteria to dig up into fissures and pores where it can be hard to eradicate. The surface of quartz countertops will not absorb liquids, making clean up easier & more effective. If you work with raw vegetables, meat or fish in your kitchen, Engineered Stone Benchtops will prove an asset to food safety!

Surfaces will not stain

Natural stone is vulnerable to staining from oil, wine, juice, and other substances, if not properly sealed or if the sealant ‘wears off’. Engineered countertops stand up to such materials very well. They will look better longer than their granite, sandstone or marble counterparts.

Devoid of imperfections

Natural stone is mined from the heart of the earth and as such comes with diverse imperfections. The engineered stones play an incredibly important role in protecting the surface from heat and water. Numerous colors can be imparted to the counter tops because they are created with the help of a pigmentation process.

Installation of Engineered Stone Benchtops

The installation process is tremendously simple as the users have to access the manual to do the task. People can also benefit from the services of professional installers who are up there with the finest in providing quality services to the users. You should visit the internet to come across the most excellent vendor in the city. If you are not certain about the quality of the product, check with the previous customers who got the work done. They can supply detailed information about the services & would help to ‘zero in’ on the final solution.

Uncompromising quality & impeccable performance are the most significant factors determining the selection process of Engineered Stone Benchtops. Make certain to pay money for the stones from registered businesses as they offer a warranty. It is a known fact that low quality goods might not be able to meet the requirements of the clients and customers as they cannot survive the moisture and heat.

They are hygienic

Engineered stone bench tops are ‘non-porous’ making them extremely hygienic for kitchen, bathroom & laundry applications and particularly in areas which are prone to moisture.

Engineered Stone Benchtops are good for the environment

Engineered stone bench tops are made mainly from ‘crushed rock’ rather than single slabs, thereby, making for a smaller environmental footprint as compared to natural products.

They are repairable

Engineered stone is quite hard but can chip around the edges, if not treated with some amount of care. The good news is that the chips can sometimes be repaired, but it is always better to treat the engineered stone bench top with a good amount of care.

Heat and stain resistant

Due to the makeup of Engineered Stone Benchtops, they are fairly resistant to heat and as they are largely non-porous, and less likely to stain & mark easily.

They are stylish

Engineered stone bench tops add a splash of class & style to your house, and the appeal of polished stone is making it become an exceptionally popular option within new and contemporary homes.

Large product range

The range of color & style when it comes to – Engineered Stone Benchtops – is huge so you can be certain that you will have the perfect bench top to suit your individual style and taste.

Uniform in Look & Feel

Because natural stone comes right away from Nature, it often has color and texture variation. The color, pattern, or look of natural stone is not guaranteed to be ‘uniform’. While this might not bother some of the people, others prefer their counter tops to look & feel the same throughout. And that is one of the benefits of Engineered Stone Benchtops. Since they are manufactured, these counter tops look and feel uniform throughout. This will provide a consistent style & look of the counter top, which can add to your bathroom or kitchen’s design aesthetic value.

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