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Achieve Your Dream Kitchen with Quartz Benchtops for Melbourne Home


Many of you must be wishing to have marble benchtops for your dream kitchen, but they are notoriously expensive, can set you back a small fortune. There are manufacturers who provide you with quartz benchtops in Melbourne that exhibit a marble look. Surprisingly, this brand new range is extremely affordable. If you are like most of the people, you must also have dreamt of having a marble benchtops in your kitchen. Selecting a marble-look benchtop made from engineered quartz is within reach for almost everyone now.

Qualities of a good and reliable supplier of quartz benchtops in Melbourne:

• High quality: With high quality, durable and affordable stone benchtops you can give a stylish and sophisticated finish to your kitchen renovation. Even if you go with stylish stone kitchen benchtops in Melbourne you can stay assured that you did not have to compromise with the quality.

• Solid support system: If you select the right supplier that imports and distributes a variety of quartz benchtops in Melbourne, you can enjoy the facility of assistance from professional and experienced staff as well as readily available stock.

• Fast installation: A stone benchtop is a valuable addition to your kitchen. It will add up to the overall appearance of your kitchen making it impressive and it is easy to wipe and clean without the use of any chemical.

• Prompt delivery: A reliable and reputed company will provide you with durable and attractive-looking quartz benchtops in Melbourne. They will give you professional service and deliver the product within the time frame promised throughout the region they cover. If you wish to order more than one quartz benchtop or you need some advice on selection or delivery within Melbourne, they will help you out. They would even complete the installation work within one day to make you least disturbed.

• Budget friendly: One of the best things about stone benchtops is that they would add to the elegance of your kitchen without making a hole in your pocket. There are varieties of benchtop materials available for you to select from.

• Offer practicality: If you prefer practicality, quartz benchtops in Melbourne are the right solution for your kitchen. In fact, more and more people opt for this nowadays. It comes in different colors and is not even expensive like the natural kitchen stone benchtops in Melbourne.

• Warranty: Most of the renowned companies would offer 15 – 20 years of warranty for the quartz benchtops in Melbourne. When you have the guarantee from the manufacturer, it gives you a complete peace of mind, no doubt. On one hand, you have the assurance that your new benchtop is going to last so long and on the other, you have the assurance that the warranty covers all chips, cracks, and stains.

The new range of quartz benchtops in Melbourne these days is extremely affordable giving your kitchen space luxury with silky shine always. One of the best things is that you get kitchen benchtops in Melbourne without spending a lot. So, once you have selected the company and the material to get the benchtop installed in your kitchen, it is time you have some tips to maintain as well as keep it looking always good and new.

Tips to keep your benchtop shining and long lasting:

• Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer regarding care and caution

• Check the real slab before ordering because it is not necessary that the material that looks good in picture or pamphlet will also good in reality

• Decide on the type of sink you would like to have that goes well with your benchtop

• Make sure the supplier takes the entire responsibility of installing and fabricating the quartz benchtops in Melbourne

• Avoid placing hot pot on your benchtop directly

• Use a chopping board to slice or cut foods instead of using the benchtop directly

• To keep your benchtop looking good, wipe off any spill immediately and avoid allowing stains to settle overnight

• Make use of the cleaning products as per manufacturer’s direction because some products can take away the shine or strip the color of your benchtop

Keep in mind the above-mentioned tips when you buy one of the best design and quality of quartz benchtops in Melbourne. Once you get it installed you can enjoy your newly renovated cooking area with your family and friends.

Some other characteristics of quartz benchtops:

• Highly resistant to scratching and chipping
• High abrasion resistance
• Non-porous
• Highly resistant to acids and oils
• Heat resistant
• Strongly resistant to staining
• High flexural strength

Quartz benchtops are fabricated from natural quartz. Natural quartz is one of the hardest minerals found on the surface of the Earth, and small amounts of glass or metallic flecks are added to produce variety, resulting in gorgeous benchtops. Another benefit of quartz is that it is a non-porous material, thus its texture does not allow growth of bacteria and resists stains, preventing your family and also making kitchen clean-up easy. For this very reason, quartz benchtops in Melbourne never need to be sealed.

Apart from the durability that quartz offers, this material is beautiful and its huge variety of colour options are sure to catch your eye. Your options are close to being endless as quartz ranges from natural colours such as white, black and brown to other colours such as gold and blue. The exclusive design of a quartz benchtop brings character to your kitchen and offers performance benefits that exceed other conventional materials.

When deciding on what material to make use of for your kitchen benchtop, you can definitely not go wrong with picking quartz. Not only will this material bring liveliness to your home but it will also provide you with maintenance advantages. A quartz benchtop will never disappoint you in terms of look & style. Make contact with YDL Stone – a well-known supplier of quartz benchtops in Melbourne.